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Snow Management Products

A range of products to assist with road and pavement de-icing and snow clearance during the Winter months.

Please note that prices for products on the website are for guidance only. Customers are advised to contact us to verify the latest prices.

Snow Shovels

18 inch snow shovels with shaft for the amazing price of £6.99.

Rock Salt

A great buy at approximately 25kg for only £;6.49 each.

Savethaw™ Liquid De-Icer

20 litre drum only £39

  • Instant de-icing down to -21°C, preventing ice and snow from bonding to pedestrian surfaces.
  • Consistent, accurate coverage of the target area.
  • Ease of application using existing equipment.
  • Speed of application reducing operational cost.
  • Trafficking not required.
  • Surface retention and reactivation.
  • Reduces volume of Rock Salt used.
  • 60% less corrosive than salt.
  • Reduces the risk of slips and trips causing injury and fatalities.
  • Increases ‘days salt stock resilience’ for carriageway treatments.

Safethaw™ is the latest in liquid de-icing for footways and pedestrian areas to prevent the formation of ice. Safethaw™ is a powerful de-icer and effectively prevents the ice/pavement bond forming. In addition, Safethaw™ helps prevent snow compaction leading to treacherous conditions for pedestrians. Application requires significantly reduced operational resource and time, and footways can be treated faster than with traditional methods requiring Rock Salt.

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